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Corporate Office :
P 90 B NDSE Part II, Basement New Delhi 110 049 Phone: 011 262 66211 Fax: 011 41638766

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TEMA Core Committees
TEMA Forum for MSME

Sh. Deepak Jain, Bhansali Cables as Chairman and Sh. Kuldeep Khera, Sh. OP Juneja as members and Others

Committee for PMA Sh. Rajesh Tuli, Coral Telecom as Chairman
Committee for Brodcasting

Sh. RK Gupta, Former Engineer in Chief Doordarshan and Past President IETE as Chairman

Committee for Telecom Finances and Telecom Finance Corporation Sh. Anil Khosla, Past President TEMA as Chairman
Committee for R&D Cmd J Jena Director General, TCEO as Chairman
Committee for BSNL/MTNL

Sh. CP Sharma, Prithvi Infosolutions as Chairman and Sh.Satish Handoo and others as members

TEMA Eastern Region

Mr Vinod Khetawat, President Tirumala Seven Hills Pvt Ltd. and ChairmanTEMA Eastern Region.

TEMA Committee on NOFON

Sh Sandeep Chawla, Director Vindhya Telelink as Chairman and Sh Dhruv Aggarwal, Director Paramount as Vice Chairman

TEMA Committee on Telecom Development Advisory Group Sh Sandeep Aggarwal, Director, Paramount Cables as Chairman.

The Office bearers, Chairman Emeritus would join all the Committees with such other members as may be interested to join one or more committees.

1.     The notice for meeting of the expert committee shall be issued by secretariat. For that email be sent to tema@tematalecom.in. The date be fixed by chairman in consultation with members.
2.     The Chairman is authorized to invite members and others as observers/invitee for the meeting. However, if someone is to be recognized as permanent member, then this information should be sent to secretariat, which will issue the notice after seeking approval of EC/Office bearers.
3.     You can use P 90B NDSE Part II for conducting the meetings.
4.     The office bearers of TEMA, President, Chairman, VP, Secretary General, Treasurer are authorized to attend any and all the meetings, hence need to inform them for the meetings.
5.     The minutes of each and every meeting should be recorded and sent to secretariat for circulation to all members of TEMA.
6.     The decisions and views in TEMA are formed by the Executive Committee. Hence any view taken by expert Committee has to be sent to secretariat and then approved by EC/Office bearers.
7.     No view can be considered as view of TEMA unless approved/ratified by Office bearer/EC. It must be kept in view that as association; the strength of TEMA is as collectgive3 body and based on overall view for the industry as a whole.
8.     Take care, that when you attend any meetings called by Government, BSNL,MTNL, BBNL,DOT,DIT etc, then do not Convey as view as TEMA view, unless it has been beforehand discussed in EC/Office bearers. Please inform the meeting that proper view would be informed shortly within 1-2 days. All the committees accept the view to be sent later. The same is followed by other sector associations also. And immediately the view to be taken need to be sent to secretariat, so that views of all members is taken and then informed to the Committee of Government.