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Membership Profile & Members
TEMA represents all types of Telecom Equipment Manufacturers of the country, from leading multinationals to the SME’s and even MSME’s. This constitutes 100% of telecom equipment market share in the country, providing necessary and state of the art solutions to all the Mobile Operators and enterprises in the country.

TEMA, through it’s sister organization, Telecom Equipment and Services Promotion Council (TEPC) also promotes not only Telecom infrastructure, but also plays a vital role in  telecom software, and services including Value Added Services (VAS) Applications, multimedia, Content Development etc.TEMA assists it’s members not only for the domestic market, but also for the foreign market through various schemes such as Market Access Initiative (MAI).

The organization is a made up of equipment vendors, telecom software developers, VAS providers, end to end solutions providers consultants and consultancy firms in the telecoms domain the TEMA members as on date are:

  Accord Communication Ltd.
  Acme Telepower
  ADC India Communications Ltd.
  ADC Krone Commn. Ltd.
  Adino Telecom Ltd.
  ADVA Optical Networking India Pvt.Ltd.
  Adva Opticals
  AEI Cables Ltd.
  Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  Aishwarya Telecom Ltd.
  Aishwarya Telecoms Ltd.
  AKSH Optifibres Ltd.   
  Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
  Amara Raja Power systems Pvt. Ltd.
  Anritsu Private Ltd.
  APA Optronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  APA Optronics India Pvt. Ltd.
  APW President Systems Ltd.
  Asthana Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  Aura Venture P Ltd.
  BEL Ltd.
  Bhansali Cables and Conductors Pvt. Ltd.       
  Bharat Electronics Ltd. BEL  
  Bharti Teletech Ltd.
  Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd.
  Broadband India Forum
  Cogent Telecom & Infrastructure Ltd.
  Coral Telecom Ltd.  
  CS Cables & Systems Ltd.
  Delta Energy System (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  Duraline India Pvt. Ltd.
  Dura-Line India Pvt. Ltd.
  Elcom Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  Electronics Today
  Elite Core Technologies Ltd.
  Eltech Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  Emersons Networks Power
  Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.
  Exide Industries Ltd.
  Fastech Telecommunications (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  FCI OEN Connectors Ltd.
  FIBCOM India Ltd.
  Finolex Cables Ltd.  
  Frog Cellsat Pvt. Ltd.
  Futurecom Factory
  Gaurav Laxman Televentures Pvt. Ltd.
  Global Telecommunications Services
  Golden Sun Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  Green Scape Eco Management Pvt. Ltd.
  HBL Power Systems Ltd.
  HFCL Ltd.
  High Tech Cables
  Himachal Exicom Ltd.
  Houston Technologies
  ICOMM Tele Ltd.
  Icomm Tele Ltd.
  Indian Telephone & Electric Co.
  INVAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  ITI Ltd.
  Jain Irrigation Systems Delhi
  Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
  Jas Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  JDSU India Pvt. Ltd.
  Kommlabs Design Pvt. Ltd.
  Lambda Microwaves Pvt. Ltd.
  Lava Mobiles Ltd.
  Mark & Space Telesystems Pvt. Ltd.
  Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd.
  Maxx Mobiles Ltd.
  Measurements & Controls India Ltd.
  Microtex Energy :Ltd.
  Microtex Energy Pvt. Ltd.
  ML Telecom Ltd.   
  NED Energy Ltd.
  OBO Bettermann India Pvt. Ltd.
  Optelian Access Networks
  Ordyn Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  ORG Informatics Ltd.
  Paramount Wires & Cable Ltd.   
  PDR Videotronics (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  Phoenix Contact India Pvt. Ltd.
  Powertec Supplies India Pvt. Ltd.
  Pramod Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  Prasha Technologies Ltd.
  Precision Electronics Ltd.
  Prima Telecom Ltd.
  Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd.
  Priyaraj Electronics Ltd.
  Protech Telelinks Pvt. Ltd.
  R.V.Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  RFS India Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  Roxtec India Pvt. Ltd.
  S M Creative Electronics Ltd.
  SABIC Innovative Plastics India Pvt. Ltd.
  Sai Infosystem Pvt. Ltd.
  Servel Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
  Servomax Telecom
  SFO Technologies
  Sify Corporation Ltd.  
  Star Batteries Ltd.   
  Sudarshan Cables Ltd. 
  Tekelec Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  Tele Info Services
  Telenet Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  Telerex Communications India Pvt. Ltd.
  Telsima Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  Teracom Ltd.  
  Tirumala Seven Hills Ltd. 
  Trend Communications India Pvt. Ltd.
  UM Cables Ltd.
  UMTS Consulting Services    
  Uniflare Cables Ltd.
  Uniflex Cables
  United Telecom Ltd.
  UTStarcom India Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  Vindhya Telelinks Ltd.
  Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. 
  Vindhya Telelinks        
  VMC Systems Ltd.
  Vrinda Nano Technologies
  VXL Technologies Ltd.
  Xalted Information
  XCEL Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
  XL Telecom & Energy Ltd.
  Sterlite Technologies Ltd.
  Shilpi Cable Technology Ltd.
Transcom Instruments India Pvt. Ltd