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Established in 1990, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers’ Association of India (TEMA) is recognized by the Government of India as the National Apex body to represent telecom Technology Providers, Global and Indian, Private and Government owned companies.

Being the official mouthpiece of Indian telecom manufacturing industry, TEMA plays the critical role of advising the government and influencing decisions relating to Indian telecom industry. TEMA also enjoys the privilege of proposing names of technical experts from the industry to various telecom committees of the Government of India and major national industry associations.

TEMA has membership of more than 150 member companies covering almost 80 per cent of Indian Telecom Equipment Manufacturing. Major Indian players like Bharti, HFCL, Shyam, Tata, Large PSU’s like ITI, BHEL, BEL, PUNCOM, SCL and MNC’s like Motorola, Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel Lucent, Fujitsu, NEC, ADC Krone, D-Link, Agilent, Acterna, Qualcomm, IBM, Texas, Telsima, are already members of TEMA.

Exclusive services offered to TEMA members include, interaction with Government, Policy makers, interaction with various National Confederations of Industries, overseas Delegations, Exhibition Organizers, Market Development Assistance Authorities, Tender Information, Excise and Customs Departments, Telecom Engineering Center for product specifications etc. Our members are exporting a variety of Telecom Equipments to South America, Middle-East, Africa, SAARC, CIS and South East Asian Countries.