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TEMA Awards
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Winner NameMr. Rajendra Prabhu
Company Name Other / N/A
Award Name Telecom Journalism � Lifetime Achievement Award
Journalism: Mr. Rajendra Prabhu, receiving Lifetime Achievement award for Journalism in Telecom. Shri Rajendra Prabhu (75) is a veteran journalist with over 40 years of experience in Journalism for telecom and IT sector covering print, media, magazine etc. He was the first to cover extensively the switch to colour TV in 1982, the introduction of digital telephone exchanges in the communication field, and the shift in the electronics policy during 1984-85.
Winner Name Mr. Rajendra Singh, Director (C&M)
Company Name BSNL
Award Name Telecom Company of the year-Providing Encouragement to Indigenous Telecom Manufacturers
The World’s 7th largest Telecommunications Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India and encouraging indigenous manufactured telecom equipment. In recognition to the contribution to Promote Encouragement to Indigenous Telecom Manufacturing in the country, BSNL has been awarded Excellence in providing encouragement.
Winner NameMr. Arun Khanna
Award Name Telecom Company of the year-focusing on "Connecting People with Disability"
First Telecom Company in the world to provide free Mobile PCOs for Persons with Disability, providing them opportunity for income generation. In recognition to the contribution to Promote Revenue Opportunities for People with Diability, Shyam Telelink Limited has been awarded Excellence in providing Revenue Opportunities for people with Disability.