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P 90 B NDSE Part II, Basement New Delhi 110 049 Phone: 011 262 66211 Fax: 011 41638766

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Established on 1st June, 1990, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA) is considered by the Government of India as the National Apex body to represent Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, Fixed & Mobile Handsets manufacturers, Optical fibre and equipments, application providers, Technology Providers, Innovations, Global and Indian Private and Government owned Companies. TEMA has been continuously working since 1990 for development of manufacturing in telecom/.mobile sector and over all development of Telecom/ICT/Mobile Sector in India. various


  Welcome New Budget To Promote Local Manufacturing


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NIC has come up with RFP/tender for Central Universities is due on 10th August, 2016.
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ATIE 2017 Taiwan 1st August, 2017

  • Dr. Toshio Obi, Professor, Waseda University: Click to View
  • Dr. Naoko Iwasaki, Professor, Waseda University:Click to View
  • Dr. Sam Shen, Senior Research Director, MIC, III:Click to View
  • Mr. Masamichi Imai, Executive Vice President, CIAJ: Click to View
  • Mr. Mike Ang, President,ATiS: Click to View
  • Mr. Young Hwan Chung, President, KAIT: Click to View
  • Mr. N K Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA: Click to View
  • 2nd Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Communications, Bengaluru.

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    6th China Mobile Phone Industry Annual Meeting organized by SMCA, at Sheraton Hotel, Futian on 15th March, 2017..Key Note address by Prof NK Goyal, President CMAI

    The BIS Act, 2016 approved by Parliament in March, 2016 has been notified on 22nd March, 2016 as Act No.11 of 2016
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    Draft Rules have been framed by Government and available in Annexure
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    Click for Bill Summary-BIS.pdf
    Click for Draft BIS rules_public consultation_130716.docx

    BIS Representation on the Fibre Optics , Fibre, Cable and Devise Sectional Committee Ltd 11
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    TEMA meeting with Power Grid/Powertel on 24th June 2016
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    TEMA meeting with TCIL on 12th July 2016 at 12pm at TCIL, Opp. Savitri Cinema Complex, Block E, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048
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    IPR policy announced on 12 May 2016 by Government

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    IPR related CRI Guidelines and Note by CMAI/TEMA

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    TEPC Buyer & Seller Meet 2016 Hotel Shangri - La's Eros,12th February 2016, New Delhi.
    Video Address of Ms. Rita Teaotia, Secretary, Commerce, Government of India. Click for Video
    Video Address of Mr. J.S. Deepak, Secretary, Department of Telecom,Government of India. Click for Video
    Video Address of Prof. N.K.Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA Click for Video
    Programme Agenda. Click for Agenda

    TEMA member of Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Council formed by Government


    TEMA BSNL Meeting on TSEC issue with CGM-QA on 18th December 2015, 12 Noon at CGM-QA office Bangalore.
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    BSNL QA & BSNL TEMA National Telecom Manufacturing Summit & Awards 2015 at BSNL QA BGL 22nd May,2015
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    TEMA Meeting with QA, Bangalore 2012

    Digital India @ Hannerover Messe 2015


    TEMA BSNL- Revision of Procurement Manual
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    NK Goyal invited for ribbon cutting of CES, 2015 on 6th Jan at LV, USA. A great honour for sixth time in row
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    TEMA BSNL Meeting on " Speedy Procurement for BSNL" on 23rd Dec, 2014 at BSNL Bhavan,9th floor, New Delhi

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    NK Goyal welcomes investment by Sh Ratan Tata in Xiaomi for Mobile Phones

    CMAI/TEMA on Net Neutrality.

    TEMA Meeting with TEC for standards required for Digital India.

    NK Goyal President TEMA is now member of "National Centre of Excellence in Technology for Internal Security"

    Hyper Digitronics Expo- 13-15 September, 2013 Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    NKG, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA member of Joint Working Group for NOFN and broadband related issues under NTP-2012

    NKG Chairman Emeritus TEMA welcoming SH AK Mittal, Sr DG TEC, during executive committee meeting held on 13th June, 2013

    Duly Certified under RTI Act, the TEMA Office Barrier & Download Tema Certificate

    TEMA informs members of Copper Prices as fixed by Govt.

    TEMA informs members of Lead Prices as fixed by Govt.

    Click Here For New Govt. Policies For ESDM/TELECOM/ELECTRONICS Manufacturing

    Message from Minister

    Hon'ble Sh Ravishankar Prasad. Minister of Communications and IT

    India imports electronic items worth $100 billion every year at present and if it continues at the same scale, by 2020 it will go up to 400 billion dollars. The import duty on electronics will even surpass the duty on fuel at that rate. This can only be countered by setting up manufacturing facilities in India so that duty on imports falls considerably.
    India has a huge potential in the electronics industry. The government is also looking at the prospect of generating employment in excess of 2 crore for the electronics hubs that it plans across the country.
    Digital India
    Government has brought all projects being run by it worth Rs 1.13 lakh crore involving IT and Telecom under the single umbrella of Digital India. The project includes availability of broadband services up to village panchayat by March 2017, 100% tele-density, digital literacy etc.
    Government has included National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) under Digital India programme which will be function as common back-end infrastructure for broadband services. It has asked telecom operators to collaborate with it for delivering broadband services to end-counsumers using NOFN. Government on its own has proposed to build a wifi based network at village panchayats for delivering broadband services. The Digital India programme also envisages wifi hotspots in urban area.
    Some Quotes

    Hon’ble Kapil SIbal,   Indian Express :

    Sh Kapil Sibal, on local manufacturing of devices, while launching Airtel's 4G services:

     26th February, 2013 :
    "I firmly believe that courts are as much concerned with national interest as all of us and courts` intentions are bona fide.,"
    But, good intentions don`t necessarily make good law……………………
    “Country is integrated into the global economy and, therefore, global investors are ready to invest in our infrastructure sectors, including telecom. Of late, bona fide global investors are somewhat uncertain about the fate of their investments made with legitimate expectations. If in the course of such uncertainty, these investments take a beating, the Indian economy will be hurt…….”
    India is a good market for FDI and we must all be circumspect that we don`t do anything with the best of intentions to stall the Indian growth story. Uncertainty seems to have set in in the telecom sector, which doesn`t augur well for us. We are trying to revive a sector that is in debt in excess of Rs 2 lakh crore. We tried to reverse the sentiment. Unfortunately, in the prevailing circumstances, we are bound hand and foot. If the government doesn`t have enough free play at the joints to decide on a particular course of action for a sector, then I think we will have to rethink the role of institutions and the contours of their jurisdiction".

    10th April, 2012 Kolkatta:
    "We will give the environment to the industry to manufacture low cost quality smart phones. But it is the industry which has to deliver. This is the biggest challenge for the industry,"
    “That 3G services have not been as popular as 2G due to lack of liquidity in the market to invest in the infrastructure and the devices required.”
    He hoped that the industry would keep this in mind and "ensure that people of this Country have low cost devices".


    Hon'ble Sh Kapil Sibal  said while meeting Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry Toshimitsu Motegi on 12th February, 2013 at Tokyo, Japan

    12th February, 2013:
    "foreign company which manufactures in India will qualify as a domestic manufacturer,"


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    • Second International Seminar on telecom Expences Management
    • TEMA Supported India telecom last so many years.
    • China-India Workshop on Service Outsourcing
    • Sub- Group on Broadband and Rural Telephony
    • National Conference on Next Telecom Revolution - BroadBand
    • Industry Interactive Session with Shri R k Upadhyay
    • ICT ALL Industry Reception In Honor of Mr.R Chandrashekhar ,IAS
    • Working Group on Telecom Sector 12th Five Year Plan
    • First International mobile sourcing and investment fair 2010
    • Broad Band For Growth
    • Telecom Industry Interactive Meet with Dr. J S SARMA
    • National Conference on E-Waste Management Indo-German-Swiss E-Waste Initiative
    • 14th World Electronics Forum 2008